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We provide 3D screening* mammography inside our office for the convenience and comfort of our patients. Mammograms are an important step in the early diagnosis of breast cancer and 3D Mammography is the most effective breast cancer screening tool available today. Nacogdoches Women's Center Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility offers a promise of comfort, convenience, accuracy and compassion with a foundation of care built around SmartCurve comfort and 3D accuracy. To schedule an appointment, call or text 936-560-2666.

Pioneered by Solis Mammography, this new 3D mammogram technology creates multiple slices of breast images for specialized evaluation. Nacogdoches Women's Center has partnered with Solis to engage a team of fellowship-trained, dedicated breast radiologists to interpret the results and provide diagnostics for our patients. We offer the revolutionary SmartCurve technology which employs a curved mammogram, shaped like your breast for greater comfort. An integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven, Computer-Aided-Detection (CAD) post-processing is performed on all screening mammography images as a second step to a specialized breast radiologists’ interpretation. 

How often should you receive a mammogram? Most women begin having annual mammograms at age 40. If you have known risk-factors, or a family history that may impact your breast cancer risk, we may recommend a mammogram earlier than age 40.

Early detection is an important aspect of treating breast cancer. Some breast cancers can develop within a year, and those that do tend to metastasize early. Getting into the habit of having an annual mammogram at the same time every year is the best practice for long-term health and peace of mind.

*A screening mammogram is an annual exam to screen for breast cancer in women without symptoms. Should additional evaluation be recommended, a small percentage of screening mammogram patients will be “called back” for a diagnostic mammogram at a different location. 

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